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Rules and Regulations

Updated: July, 29th 2011
Rules and Regulations


I. Admission
1. The Archivio and its collections are open to qualified researchers and scholars. Access is also granted to university students, provided they have a letter of presentation from the professor with whom they are working.
2. Researchers are required to fill out a form for admission indicating their personal details, their academic (or other) qualification, and the topic of their research. Personal details will be protected in accordance with Italian privacy laws.
II. Access and Consultation
3. Researchers must leave their purses, briefcases, and bags at the entrance, bringing into the reading room only materials necessary for note-taking (paper, pencil and laptop computer). Pens are not allowed in the reading room.
4. The consultation of manuscripts and old printed material may be subject to certain restrictions for reasons of conservation and protection.
5. Removing any volume or document from the Archive is strictly prohibited.
III. Reproductions
6. All reproductions of the Archive’s materials are undertaken by the photographic laboratory. Use of personal photographic devices (cameras, scanners, etc) to copy or reproduce materials in the Archive’s collections is strictly prohibited. Researchers who do not comply will be banned from the Archivio Capitolare.
IV. Copyright, forwarding of work, Open Access
7. Images drawn from material conserved in the Archive may be published only with written permission from the director. Even after granting authorization for publication, the Archive reserves the right to publish the images in question or to allow third parties to publish them.
8. In the spirit of the Declaration of the Budapest Open Access Initiative, the Archivio Capitolare of Pistoia aims to promote free public access to scientific studies of manuscripts and printed materials conserved in the Archive. Scholars are required to provide the Archive with a hard-copy of their publications, to be preserved in the Archive’s collection. The Archive also asks that three years after their publication, scholars allow their materials to be made available in pdf format in the section of this website dedicated to bibliographic information.

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